True Education – School Violence and incredible action

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. This was on my to read list for such a long time. It was so good, I absolutely devoured it and read it all in a day. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

The story shows how after the passing of a law which bans corporal punishment, students have taken over their schools and have begun bullying even their teachers. Seeing the severity of the situation, the government’s Ministry of Education decides to set up a Teacher’s Rights Protection Agency which will deal with these cases of violence and overall help make schools safer and a better enviornment for students. Hwa-jin Na is the first field agent of this organization and he decides to go full force with his brutal teaching method to whip the children into the right mindset and teach them. While his methods might be considered extreme, they prove to work which leads to teachers being willing to take back the power. As he is joined by a partner Han-Rim Lim, Hwa-jin sets out to begin the True Education that he believes in while protecting the rights of teachers and students as well.

The main character is lovable, that’s all I’ll say about him if I had to describe him in one word. He’s a cheerful fellow who has a vibrant personality which he uses to his advantage in dealing with the situations reported to the agency. He’s also a badass who can fight, like really fight and that adds more to his calm and cool attitude. While he does have his own share of problems that we are revealed to later on, he is a man with morals who is extremely lovable. Then there’s the partner Han-Rim Lim who is even better than Hwa-jin, she’s got her own style of handling the students which is to use violence relentlessly. She’s a fierce fighter like Hwa-jin and definetly a character you’ll want more of. There are more characters which come and go throughout the series and some even make repeat appearances which shows how far the manhwa goes to make sure that the characters are not just a one time deal but are actual people who the audience sympathizes with.

The manhwa has amazing action that’s for sure. Whether it’s Hwa-jin with his relentless and cruel fighting style or Han-Rim Lim who is quick and precise in her movement, both of them show us some good combat but that’s not where the manhwa really shines. Where the manhwa really shines is how well it shows both sides of the story, the teachers and the students. Often times we see a story showing only one side as evil and one side as good but actually the manhwa goes to show how the power balance shifts and how some of the people in power absue it to fulfill their own agenda. By solving cases of suffering of both the students and the teachers Hwa-jin’s and Han-Rim’s story shows us slowly how filthy humans can be and how low they can truly fall. There are even psychological battles for the characters to fight when they can’t use sheer violence and instead need to use their brains and their set of values to solve the cases. True Education also doesn’t budge on talking about real issues like student suicides and lots of other things. There is a teacher who teaches geneder equality in a hypocritical way and a teacher who considers his students trash. All of these people and their ideologies are fixed by our heroes as the story pushes on about real issues in the world.

The lesson to learn here is about the difference in ideologies will arise and when they do we must learn to calmly handle them instead of splitting apart. There are lots of lesson that this manhwa teachers but I would like to talk about this one because of how much it is prevalent in today’s world. We are so resdy to get aggresive when we meet someone with a different ideology and don’t hear the other person out and when that happens we develop a narrow perspective on life which leads to failure and self destruction. That delusion that whatever we do is the right thing needs to be broken and that was the message which one of the cases in True Education put out.

The manhwa is currently on going at 57 chapters at the time of writing and the story is picking up by showing us about Hwa-jin’s last to make us feel connected to him and also giving the spotlight to Han-Rim as they both carry out their duties. With intense action and even some philosophy for you to enjoy, True Education definitely has the potential as a manhwa to be one of the best provided it keeps on its great execution of its ideas.

Rap section:

New laws are passed and now there’s no corporal punishment,
All it takes is one law and now in one instant,
Students are bullying teachers to everyone’s astonishment,
But now countermeasures are being taken by the government.

Hwa-jin Na he’s the new educator on the job,
Looking easy but he could take on the mob,
Pissed him and now it’s gonna be a big prob,
He’s not holding back something from him too was robbed.

Punishing the troubled kids but he’ll also fix the teachers,
Joined by a partner with some pretty features,
Reforming is their goal they’re pretty good preachers,
Now watch them make good people out of horrible creatures.

They’re doing good for an entire generation,
Taking down the bullies from the school population,
Backed by a minister they can handle any situation,
This isn’t a punishment game this is true education.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.


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