Crows – A classic delinquent manga which proves it’s greatness

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Ever since I’ve read Tokyo Revengers I’ve been in the mood for more delinquent manga and Crows according to the community is a classic so I had to get down to reading it and man I made the right choice. SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST VOLUME AHEAD.

The story follows Boyua Harumichi, a transfer student to Suruzan All Boys High School, a school who has the toughest delinquents of the region, students who could easily rule over other high schools, called Crows by people because crows bring inauspiciousness just like the Suruzan students do. In all the history of Suruzan, it has never been united under a single leader, there have always been factions and the school has been split between them. Bouya Harumichi who just joins Suruzan and first seems like a goofball who isn’t someone to be taken seriously saves a fellow student Yasu from a bunch of bullies proving his strength as he absolutely crushes them. The crushed studnets led by Akutsu were a part of the biggest faction in the school, the Bandou faction. Harumichi takes the news lightly but when the fight against the Bandou faction comes he doesn’t back down. Proving his strength, the other students at Suruzan High know one thing that Harumichi will change the way that things have gone on in Suruzan and the hierarchy of the delinquents in the entire town.

The characters are good old teenagers in this manga, even though half of the time you’d really question if these monsters are even high schoolers at all. There’s our main character Boyua Harumichi who is the strongest in the entire manga except maybe one or two guys who I won’t revel here now. Harumichi is a total goofball who is always looking for fun and entertainment, he is unlike others MCs in the sense that he is purposeless and without a goal and often time it others around him who push the plot forward instead of him. There’s Yasu, our hometown sidekick who isn’t all that strong but is a loyal follower of Harumichi and his first underling. There’s Bandou, Harumichi’s first real rival, Rindaman, the guy who is considered the strongest in Suruzan. Pon, Mako and Hiromi, a strong trio of friends who took on Bandou’s fdaction alone before Harumichi came along. There’s tons of other guys that are introduced gradually, like Bulldog who is the leader of the Kurotaki Aliiance. Ryusshin who is a part of the Front of the Armament. There’s tons of characters all of whom we get to see grow and evolve, all except Harumichi who stays the same lazy and fun loving kid throughout the manga, well you could say that he was the factor that led to the change in all the other characters.

The manga has intense action, obviously cause it’s a delinquent manga and there’s bound to be tons of fights but its not just that, its the reason why these fights take place that are the ultimate golden gem in Crows, besides the likable and relatable characters who go through real problems which make them seem more like real people rather than characters in a manga. There’s the fact that towards the end of the manga that is towards graduation, the characters all actually think about their futures showing us how things would play out with these characters in real life. Anyway back to the reason that the fights take place, there’s a panel below that will tell you exactly what I’m talking about but the main thing that Crows shows is that teenagers don’t need a reason to fight, the hot blooded youth just needs one little incident to spark their fuse and they go off fighting. This is the mentality of the youth and that’s what causes the fights, its more old school thinking, especially since newer gen MCs have goals to love towards, Harumichi doesn’t he fights because he wants to just like many other characters all of them representing the hot blooded youth as they fight for silly reasons and sometimes more serious stuff like honor.

The lesson I managed to pull from this manga is that one needs to live life as they see fit, following their own morals. Morals are important because all the characters in the manga, even though they’re delinquents they follow their own morals and rules and that’s something that they should be admired for. There’s also the fact that purposelessness gets you nowhere in life. Bouya is an extremely strong fighter and he is undefeatable but his purposelessness only lands him in fights and results in him getting in bad shape after an intense battle. The fact that Crows doesn’t glorify fighting and instead shows us how it affects the characters is the reason why it is the best.

The manga is finished at 95 chapters. It’s an intense ride and definitely one that every manga enthusiast should take on. There’s also Worst which is the continuation of Crows supposedly and I am going to read that too and post a review on it as well. Apart from that, Crows, as a classic manga which offers loads to its audience with everything from intense fights to good old comedy to even talks about life and the future, making you feel like you’ve actually accompanied the characters on their journey through high school needs to be read by every individual who liked Tokyo Revengers and is looking for more delinquent manga because believe me, Crows blows Tokyo Revengers out of the water, no hate just facts, still love TR. Give Crows a read.

Rap section:

We going old school now with some teenage fighters,
School gangs alliances and those badass bikers,
Taking each other on for their wounds they’re survivors,
Get ready cause once you start reading you’re going to be pulling all nighters.

Blonde haired goofball claiming he’s strong as a devil,
Claiming that no one in the world is at his level,
And the school he’s at is kinda special,
This is Suruzan High he’s gonna final rivals several.

Boyua Harumichi is the name of the new kid,
Just a couple of fights and now he’s on the grid,
Recognized by delinquents for all that he did,
And yet some dudes have the gall to consider him mid.

Everyday is a new fight a new broken nose,
But Harumichi doesn’t care through life he just flows,
Through his lifestyle he goes and shows,
Than rather than being a caged bird he’d rather fly like crows.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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