Mercenary Enrollment – A new concept with lots of potential

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. This was quick read but man every moment was enjoyable and I hope you guys will enjoy it too. SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS AHEAD.

The story starts off with us seeing a mercenary rescue a military unit which has been captured by terrorists. Showing incredible skill, the mercenary is revealed to be only a teenager. This mercenary is revealed to be Yu Ijin, a 19 year old boy who was in a plane crash in which his parents died and he was stranded in a foreign country, doing mercenary work and eventually teaming up with the Korean military to survive. Now having found that he still has family back in South Korea he is sent back home to meet his excited grandfather and sister. Adjusting to a new life in the city, Yu strives to learn what a family means while also using his skills to deal with problems both in his school life and beyond that by taking on bullies to protect his sister, all as the ghosts of his past come back to haunt him.

The characters are fun to see in this manhwa and since it’s only started we haven’t seen a lot of character development yet but nevertheless the characters are still interesting to say the least. Yu Ijin, this man is just a cold badass, I thought it would get boring if he was just an emotionless fighting machine but that is not so, Ijin shows so many emotions throughout the time that we spend with him, from feeling happiness after seeing his family for the first time to feeling care for his sister and risking everything for her. His main goal so to speak is to learn what a family means and while he shows his soft sides often, when he gets cold, he gets murderous and so far he hasn’t lost a single fight and yet every fight we see is exhilarating and exciting. There’s Ijin’s sister Dayun who cares for her family and her new older brother. There’s Ijin’s friends whose names I don’t remember anymore because they had some complex names but all the characters have shown good personalities up until now and have even shown bits of character development.

The manhwa flourishes in the fast paced action that it keeps up throughout the duration of the chapters. There’s always something happening and it’s not repetitive. An example would be that Ijin takes on school bullies and is able to easily take them down but then that problem grows bigger and he goes on to take on gangsters as well and to do more and more stuff. The story keeps on evolving and bringing in new characters and also resolving sub plots pretty neatly when they’re no longer needed. Also instead of being a zero to hero type of story, Ijin is pretty strong from the get go and every fight is like him testing his strength to see how far he can go. The one thing that I don’t like in the manhwa is that the characters names aren’t mentioned all to often and except Ijin’s and Sukjoo’s names I’ve forgotten all others.

The lesson I got from this manhwa is that first of all we need to be grateful for the life that we have because as we Ijin having nightmares of the plane crash and his time as a mercenary while he is living in a comfortable home we come to realise that there are so many more bigger problems out there and there’s so much more that we have to be grateful for. As for the second lesson it’s that we need to stick to our morals. Ijin has one moral when he comes back home that is to protect his family and apart from that, he focuses on nothing else. The detachment that he shows is really a sight to see as he turns away everything else in favor of living a simpler life with his family showing how commited he is to his morals.

The manhwa is currently ongoing at 52 chapters and I’m sure that there’s more to come. The story is getting exciting and we are getting to see more of Ijin’s skills and his past that he spent in the battlefield. With thrilling fights and a story that has lots and lots of potential subplots to come, Mercenary Enrollment is definetly worth a short binge or if you prefer to have more content at once I’d suggest waiting more time because I have a feeling that the story is only getting stTted

Rap section:

New kid in town white hair looking pretty,
He looks pretty cool but he isn’t used to life in the city,
One hit from him and people be feeling dizzy,
You can’t know what he does just know that he’s been busy.

10 years later for the first time he sees his family,
Sister and grandpa now he can live life happily,
But that’s until he finds out about the brutality,
Against his sister and now he’s gonna cause a tragedy.

Trained so hard even the gangster fear him,
Looking so fit yet he doesn’t hit the gym,
Hurt his sister and your living chances are slim,
Once he gets angry the situation looks grim.

He doesn’t want to forget him family even for a moment,
Watch him rise to water watch the unfoldment,
Of a story that’s all about engrossment,
Yu Ijin this is Mercenary Enrollment.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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