WORST – An epic continuation of Crows

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. I’m going to be honest, this manga starts off way too slow for my taste but once it gets going, I assure you, you will get the same feeling that you did when reading Crows. As always SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST VOLUME AHEAD.

The story takes us back to Suruzan All Boys High School with a new kid named Tsukishima Hana coming to town from the mountains where cell phone signals don’t reach. 2 years have passed since Boyua Harumichi has left the town and things have taken quite a drastic turn. Suruzan is the same good old Suruzan only this time the characters who were freshmen in Crows like Zetton are now all grown up and are seniors. On the other side, Housen is being passed down from King Joe to the Moonlight Brothers who are all in different years and hence aim to unify Housen into an unbeatable school. The Front of Armament has its 6th generation running things and the 4th powerhouse, the Kurotaki Alliance has fallen apart leaving a void in the power structure. As Hana enlists as a freshman he finds out more about Suruzan like its, Freshman War to find out the strongest freshman and other things. Declaring after the Freshman War that he will unify Suruzan under one leader, something that even legendary delinquents like Harumichi weren’t able to do, Hana faces the many powerhouse foes that come his way and new and old foes as he sets out with his friends to do the impossible.

The characters are a bit too much to take in at first, I don’t blame you if that happens, it happened to me at first as well. Introducing the newer generations of all the old established organizations takes time and makes you feel like there aren’t any good fights happening but believe me, these introductions are worth it and the fights are worth even more. There’s our MC, Tsukishima Hana who is a simple goofball like Harumichi but he differs from Harumichi in the sense that he is much more driven and works towards a goal that is to unify Suruzan unlike Harumichi who wanted to run away from the position of becoming leader. There’s Hana’s main rival, Amachi Hisashi who is one hell of a bastard both in fighting as well as in cunning, a calculating and amazing at making plans. There’s Takefumi Sakota, who is a mad dog in his own right and Mutou Renji who is the first supporter of Hana and a devoted follower. There’s tons and tons of other characters that I just can’t talk about due to risk of spoilers but just know that you will be spending quite a while remembering names.

The manga has intense action even more than Crows in the sense that Worst has a lot of fights between organizations which means true gang fights and that stuff is intense to see because I am a sucker for the clan logic, loyalty driven fights. There’s the fact that the action takes a while to pick up in between when there’s a gran plan’s execution in the making but leave that aside because that helps you understand the characters on a much deeper level and there’s an absolutely amazing story for you to enjoy. I also loved the fact that there’s a main ‘bad guy’ main villain kind of a guy to look forward to for Hana to fight because in Crows Bouya was taking enemies on as they came but Hana has a true rival for him to fight and to play the bad guy and that makes the story much more impactful. There’s fights that happen for different reasons again like Hana fighting for his friends and to maintain peace while the Moonlight Brothers try to establish their dominance and some for loyalty while others for protection of themselves. Once again, the story also does not fail to tell us the dangers of this gang life because there is death and destruction of lives because that is the way that these guys live and that’s how the real world works.

The lesson I managed to pull from this manga is that just because you’re strong doesn’t mean that you have to prove it. Hana is very different from Bouya Harumichi as a character because Hana never fights just for the hell of it or because someone looks at him wrong, he fights when he’s challenged head on and even then he’s compassionate and kind and always makes sure that his opponents don’t hold any grudges. This thinking separates him from Bouya who maintained peace because he was the strongest, Hana maintains peace because he is a great leader who doesn’t back down from a fight but also doesn’t start the fight. This loyalty one’s morals is a lesson to be applied in ones own life.

The manga is finished at 132 chapters with one hell of an epic finale that I will not spoil here because I want each and every one of you to experience the emotional rollercoaster that is Worst and get to the ending which will leave you feeling satisfied at having seen the story of another generation of Crows and the rise of another generation as well. A perfect way to get your blood pumping ang get you excited, Worst is an amazing manga.

Rap section:

Let’s go back to Suruzan to our delinquent high school,
Where students fight with fists and also use high stools,
When shit gets serious they won’t hesitate to use a slice tool,
New generation of fighters this story is quite cool.

Tsukishima Hana a boy from out of town,
He’s a little but lost struggling to find his way around,
His smiling face might make him seem like a clown,
But in Suruzan he’s gonna be a person of great renown.

The old alliances in the town are breaking apart,
But new wars still happen and Hana is gonna take part,
To show his strength and to show that he’s got heart,
Rival’s name is Amachi Hisachi let the wars restart.

All new strong people and for blood they all thirst,
All new wars it’s gonna get you immersed,
In this all new story to become the leader first,
Of Suruzan High school this is the story of worst.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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