Study Group – Fighters trying to study

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. I think that manhwa’s should get animated as well because man, these things are amazing. SPOILERS for the first few episodes.

The story is set in Incheon in the school of Yusong Vocational Engineering High, around the new kid, 17 year old Gamin Yoon, while Gamin tells his story he reveals that he has always been bad at academics and yet still dreams of entering university due to something that happened in his past. The problem is that Yusong High is a school for future criminals, the students who are good at fighting there are recruited as members of a gang known as White Lead and the children of the executives of the gang also go to Yusong High. The school has a carnivorous environment with fights always breaking out and students being the least interested in studying, determined to study Gamin Yoon starts finding children who according to him have the ‘Will enter university vibe’ or are interested in studying. While doing this he clashes with the White Lead gang who want the school to remain as it is. Together with his teacher Hankyung Lee, Gamin sets out to form his study group to increase his grades all while the White Lead comes after him bringing all sorts of troubles.

The characters are fun and all have their personalities and backstories that give much needed depth and motivations. Their names though are quiet hard, there’s obviously our main character Gamin Yoon who faces the most difficulty out of all the characters because he is impulsive and always rushes in without a care for himself, his character arc is seriously amazing with him sticking to his morals while also growing and developing. There’s the teacher Hankyung Lee, who simply wants to teach her students to be better people and is also there to settle an old score while aiming to change Yosung High. There’s Sehyun Kim aka Weak Spikey who goes through his beautiful character arc where he learns to get out his self pity and become better, to not blame his circumstances. There’s Jiwoo Lee who joins in after certain events, her character arc is about caring for others no matter the price. Lee Jun, Chilly Sauce according to Jiwoo, who is in with Gamin Yoon for his own personal reasons he is all about learning to be strong. Then we have Heewon Choi, the one with the least character development except in the beginning episodes (hope she plays a major role in season 2) and we have mysterious boy Genyonb who has revenge as his reason for getting inoled in the story and acts as a secondary main character. Lastly, Hanwool Phi, the main antagonist at least for season 1, absolutely cunning and ruthless, the fact that he got his own backstory just shows how much effort is put into each character. And these are just the people whose names aren’t much difficult and are introduced in the first few episodes of the manhwa. Study Group has a wide variety of characters all with their own personalities and stories.

The webtoon has the strong point in its mysterious aura that it gives off, there’s great action to enjoy of course but even at the end of the season, the mystery of the case that started the events of the story isn’t completely solved but rather we get more questions. The manhwa also does a good job by showing us one confusing scene and then taking us to the past which does a good job of keeping things mysterious. The action is amazing with lots of combat techniques shown in the story, I don’t know how many seriously work but the combat is amazing, it isn’t just always increasing the number of guys or anything like that, instead there are different skills and different types of fighters involved with each fight and the stakes are the only things that rise. There’s also the fact that they show the characters to face real consequences for their actions and not get away with anything.

The lesson that I drew from this manhwa has to be, ‘Create opportunities despite the circumstances’ which is a line that Gamin says though a bit modified. The manhwa puts our characters in situations where they just don’t have to have physical strength but mental willpower as well, psychological warfare may not be a big part of the story but it does play a significant part. The circumstances that the characters are in at first seem impossible to get out of and then they fight, through mental resilience they find new ways out of the situations and they create opportunities, kind of like life, where you must create opportunities despite what position you are in.

The manhwa has just finished its first season with only 118 chapters so this is the best time to jump on and completely catch up because the new season will be dropping at the end of July which is really close. The ending satisfies the arc that started at the beginning of the story but the epilogue shows new villans entering the story and Gamin himself tells us that the story of his trip to university isn’t over yet. With amazing action and great lessons, Study Group is an amazing manhwa

Rap section:

Yusong Vocational Enginerring High coming in hot,
Tough new kid with glasses but he’s not,
Here to fight and even if he does he don’t want to be caught,
He’s here to enter university this is his only shot.

This is Gamin Yoon and he’s here to cause a change,
Gonna get smacked if you do evil deeds in his range,
He’s crazy strong but he’s got a dream strange,
A peaceful life at school he’s here to arrange.

Going up against gangs that’s a task easy,
Here to take down all the bullies sleazy,
Unleashes his full power and now we see,
His strength like that of a hero cheesy.

He’s only here to study not here to put a show,
But if you hurt his friends then it’s a different story though,
He’s a beast when he’s angry and busts out forbidden techniques so,
You better be careful of this user of Jeet Kun Do.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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