Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19 and having a great day. I was really skeptical about this anime in the first few minutes but once I pushed through the first episode I understood that this is a great anime. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The story follows 3 different perspectives through different years and how the different characters come together and interact and get entangled with each other. In the year 1711 a few alchemists went abroad a ship and gained the ‘Cure All Elixir’ a drink which can help people be immune to wounds and prevent aging. This knowledge leads to greed aboard the ship and the Immortals all decide to split up. Years later in 1931, the Immortals meet each other again aboard an Intercontinental train known as the Flying Pussyfoot. Aboard this train people who weren’t involved earlier in the mess with the immortals also get pulled in and criminals who are there for different purposes also clash for control of the train and for fulfillment of their goals. Back in the city in 1930, a complete version of the ‘Cure All Elixir’ keeps changing hands due to the Mafia and a duo of idiotic thieves. All these events make completely unrelated people clash in a bottle for survival and selfish gain while some have the sinsiter motive of immortality, others are simply fighting without knowing the deeper plot that moves underneath.

The show has a wide cast of characters from Firo who is a prodigy in fighting and a Mafia man under the tutelage of Maiza who is related to the original incident aboard the ship in 1711, then we have the idiotic duo of thieves Issac and Miria who are responsible for most of the misunderstandings and the things that go wrong in the show because they want to steal and live together but don’t have the brains to pull off a good heist. There’s the Runoarto, the Martillos and the Gandor crime families who are engaged in a turf war against one another while slowly understanding that some of the problems they have aren’t caused by each other but by outside elements like Silizard who wants his ‘Cure All Elixir’. There’s Ennis who is a killer created by Silizard and there’s Dallas Genoard, the delinquent thug of the Genoard family and a person who’s much sought after by the Mafia. There’s Jacuzzi and Nice, lovers and partners in crime and their underlings. Aside from there there are still a wide array of characters who are all motivated by different things and backstories. Even though we aren’t shown much of a baskstory of many characters, their current actions show their personalities and motivations so well that we can do without them.

The show really shines and stands out in ints complex storytelling with the constantly switching perspectives keeping the thrill going and allowing us to not forget the characters that are introduced before. The constant switch between the years can be a bit confusing but if you keep your eyes peeled you can understand what time it is easily by seeing the setting and the people who are alive. The violence is a good part of the anime and the fights are interesting and die to a few of the characters being immortal, it doesn’t shy away from gore and torture, showing us bloodied bodies and cut up body parts. The comedy is really amazing as even serious characters sometimes do things which led to comical moments which relieve the tension forms few moments only to make us jump right back in. The supernatural element is something that I liked but somethings are there which are considered supernatural at first but are revealed to be not so.

The show really talks about immortality and the vices of humanity, we all don’t desire death, disease and old age but we have to go through them anyway but as shown in the show even after achieving immortality the alchemists aren’t fulfilled, they are on the quest for more knowledge and more sensations, this is what is perfectly described in the Vedas as, even if someone manages to gain immortality he still isn’t fulfilled because that is the rule of the world. The vices of humanity that is the constant desire to satisfy ones never ending desire are shown and even after living for hundreds of years the immortals can’t seem to be able to satisfy their desires because desires are endless as long as we are in this world. The takeaway is that immortality is a curse that binds to forever to this world and that our desires are never fulfilled.

The pacing of the story is great and if you pay attention you can easily figure out the story which is left incomplete and I will be getting into the Light Novels to complete it soon. The finale is fulfilling but leaves things unfinished leaving all the characters looking forward to something or the other. The show is overall a must watch with your utmose attention because every scene is thrilling and every fight is exciting and every dialogue in important to understanding the complex story that is BACANNO.

Rap section:

1711 alchemists all aboard a ship,
Going with a purpose not just a fun trip,
The secret of immortality in their grip,
People getting greedy so to 1930 let’s skip.

A bunch of criminals all on the same train,
Split up Immortals now meeting again,
Who’s on which side it’s hard to explain,
All we know is that this isn’t gonna be a ride mundane.

1931 Immortals are still hunting,
Their perfect elixir and Mafia are confronting,
Their enemies fighting in the streets grunting,
These people are bound all by something.

Among this cast a duo is having fun,
Immortals standing tall Mafia can’t kill them with a gun,
It’s a bad game and now the hunt has begun,
To fix that mistake which can’t be undone.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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