Paranoia Agent: Scary and psychological

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19 and having a great day. I’ve heard that this show is banned in some places and that only intrigued me more to see this. SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1.

The show starts off with Tsukiko Sagi, a young and successful designer who made the suoerhit design of Maromi, a dog like character which made her famous all over Japan. She is under pressure to make another design that can be a hit so that her company can keep growing as can she. As the deadline grows nearer she becomes more and more anxious of not being able to create, one night as she walks home she encounters an old, short, homeless woman who seemingly disappears from Sagi’s sight. Sagi keeps walking home when she feels someone behind her, a young boy on golden inline skates comes towards her with a twisted golden baseball bat and hits her on the head. Her story, is not believed by the police at first but when similar attacks begin occuring and the attacker now dubbed, ‘Shonen Bat’ (Lil’ Slugger in the English dub) becomes increasingly feared, the lives of people change as they deal with their own dark secrets and the truth about Shonen bat starts coming to light.

The show switches our point of view to different characters and their own stories as they deal with their secrets and darkness. There’s out main character, Sagi who is a bit of an airhead and the creator of the show’s events. There’s the police detectives, Chief Ikari and Maniwa both of whom work hard on the case to figure out the mystery of Shonen Bat, there’s other victims as well such as a trio of a young man, an old man and a little girl all of whom wish for Shonen Bat to come. Everything from corrupt police officers to simple teachers, everyone has secrets in the show and when those secrets push them to the edge, the people feel cornered and that empowers Shonen Bat. The characters are well written with each one having good motivations driving them and their intertwined stories are good as well because even if the point of view is switched we get to know about the other characters as the story only moves forward.

The show shines in showing us things from different perspectives and how mass mentality really feeds the growth of fear in the world. The only reason Shonen Bat’s attacks get more frequent is because people talk about him all the time and begin fearing him, this gives him power to grow and commit his acts of violence even more which leads to more fear and paranoia of the people and in turn more power for Shonen Bat, this never ending cycle is what is supposed to be shown by the show along with other things.

The show deals with guilt and pushing responsibility on others as well as living in false pleasure and comfort. Everyone who is attacked by Shonen Bat is shown to be running from some sort of guilt by pushing it on someone else, in fact this very thing is the reason for the origin of Shonen Bat (I won’t reveal anymore or it’ll get boring). As for living in false comfort that is what everyone in the show wants, to not have responsibility for their actions and instead live in comfort. Humans are like that too, this perfect showing of our psychology is why I loved this show, we all want comfort but we fail to realize that what we’re chasing after is really false comfort and pleasure.

The ending of the show is really satisfying and twisted because by the time we come around to the end, the line between fact and fiction blurs so much that even as a viewer you can’t discriminate between them. But the end has a twist which deals with everything that has been happening in the show and is loyal to the show’s themes. A must watch for everyone who loves something psychological and mildly scary, Paranoia agent is really good.

Rap section:

Take it to Tokyo with a famous designer,
Making headlines is a small dog by her,
Pressured by the company to aim higher,
Attacked in the night by a kid behind her.

Few more people down and now spreads paranoia,
About the attacked with skates this boy’s a,
Master at his work even detectives need to employ a,
New strategy because to his he’s just that loyal.

He’s gonna come after you if you hide your secret,
So much that it makes you have paranoia frequent,
It’s not gonna work no matter how much you sneak it,
He’s gonna come after you when you’re at your weakest.

You can’t hide from him it’s just a fact that,
When he comes around he’ll lay you out flat,
No matter who tries they can’t escape this brat,
This new Paranoia Agent known as Shonen Bat.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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