Boss in School: An interesting story that loses its way

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Got reccomended this from an Instagram post so shoutout to the person who posted about the season 3 about this manhwa because you made me have a fun time. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

The story follows Seth Kang, a man who from childhood has had the ability to know how to fight, no matter who or how many his opponents were he always found a way to win. His natural strength and instincts make him an indomitable enemy that is until his mother asks him to stop fighting for her sake. Agreeing with his mother, Seth stops fighting and takes all the bullying like a man but that changes one day when new comes that his father is dead. As inheritance Seth is left with two things, the Sunshine Group, a company which his father Simon Kang started from the ground up and built with his fists and the second words telling him to “stop getting his ass kicked.” Now in high school Seth is not holding himself back anymore and quickly establishes his dominance but there are other strong guys that roam the world, will Seth Kang be able to keep himself alive as conspiracies from rival gangs take place against him ? Will he rise to the top like his father ? This is the journey of Seth Kang.

The characters are fun and likable in season 1’s first part but after a while the new characters aren’t as good I’ll admit that. The series has 3 seasons currently with the 3rd season still ongoing. The characters introduced in the first season are just awesome, there’s Sophie, Seth’s old flame. There’s Victor a boxing prodigy who wants to become the number one boxer, there’s Rod, Seth’s personal bodyguard who provides comix relief. There’s tons and tons of characters introduced and somewhere halfway through season 1 there’s too many to keep count of and you’ll find yourself having to stop to remember who each person was. We don’t get much time or backstory to really connect to the characters either all you have is whose fighting style you like and who you’re rooting for.

The manhwa has amazing action, that’s the one point that kept me going after the story became very chaotic halfway through season 1. The action is amazing and you’ll love every moment I’ll assure you of that. The story however falters a bit and goes downhill simply because it isn’t executed well, there’s no pacing and I hate how some of the OG characters become irrelevant later on in the story and are barely even mentioned. The artwork is also good enough but it isn’t anything amazing. There’s also the 2nd season which I couldn’t find a translation of so I skipped right ahead to season 3 which picks up right where season 1 left off so season 2 seems like more of a prequel. Season 3 seems to be taking things in the right direction by staying true to the character’s personalities while also keeping it action heavy. I also really like the sway of Seth Kang, there’s many moments whrre he’s treated like a boss and he just is badass in those moments.

The lesson to take from this manhwa is that the gangster life never leads anywhere. That’s literally it. The manhwa is a lot about fighting and the gang life with gangsters fighting over different things but you’ll notice a common patter, their life isn’t good, no matter how cool Seth Kang is he still has to constantly fight and in the end that path takes him nowhere except toward destruction. It’s all very similar to real life, the manhwa does try to show how corrupt the world is and all that but it isn’t the main point, the main focus is always on gangs and after reading the manhwa you’ll still think that they’re cooll but that it isn’t a life that is meant to lived, it’s all good just being fictional.

The manhwa has 2 finished seasons, and an ongoing third season with 6 chapters. The story does go downhill haflway across the first season and I haven’t read the second season since it doesn’t have a proper English translation. The 3rd season does seem to be picking up the pace and making sure that the story goes back to the standard that it originally was at. I really reccomend you at least read the first half of the 1st season if you’re into gang and fighting and if you want more of that and can tolerate a few missteps by the makers like me then go right ahead and finish the season also please do tell me if there’s a proper translation of the 2nd season Boss in School: The Beginning, out there, I really want to read it.

Rap section:

Here comes into town a blue haired rockstar,
When it comes to fighting he is a full monster,
He isn’t fighting like an athlete ain’t got no sponsor,
He isn’t a normal student he’s a full on mobster.

Taking over after his dad he’s a respected young man,
No matter who’s the foe he’s always got a plan,
He’s tussling with people and now he’s began,
The hate of gangsters from China till Japan.

You think you can take him nah you don’t even know the half of it,
His own executives question if he’s fit,
To run this company and he makes them submit,
By his own raw power he’s the boss they all admit.

He’s just bad at holding back he isn’t that cruel,
But if you take him on you’re gonna get killed fool,
Every gangster bows to him he’s so damn cool,
He isn’t your average student he’s the boss in school.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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