Weak Hero: Intense fights and intense story

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. I think I have a real problem of sleeping on the good stuff because Weak Hero is absolutely amazing. It’s really good and I started reading when it was at around chapter 140 and in what I think is the last season. SPOILERS, I get excited talking about great manhwa like this so SPOILERS.

The story follows a new kid in Eunjang High School, named Grey Yeon, while he looks scrawny and weak and is labelled a ‘pretty boy’ due to his long hair, he is actually a very capable fighter. The class bully Colton Choi decides to take Grey on and receives a beating that stuns the entire class. The other three top delinquents in the school, Ben Park nicknamed Big Ben, his partner and friend Alex Go nicknamed Gogo and Gerard Jin nickname Mad Hound or Hot Foot Jin, decide to check out the new kid and after a look at him decide to mind their own business. While Grey gets into fight after fight, proving himself to anyone who underestimates him because of his scrawny looking appearance (earning him the title of a dirty fighter), he one day gets into a fight with the students from Yoosun High, as Gerard, Ben and Alex join the fight, Gray shocks them with his brutality and tricks that he uses to fight. As the four delinquents are targeted by people who want to take over Eunjang, they come together as a gang and as friends. While Grey is busy earning his reputation (Being called the White Mamba), different members of the Union, a group of the strongest delinquents under Donald Na sets their sights on bringing down the delinquents of Eunjang High. Fighting together, Gray and his friends move forward to become the legends of Eunjang High while the kids deals with their pasts and fight in the present.

The scary looking and ridiculously tough antagonist Donald Na

The characters are really, really amazing. I absolutely loved Grey Yeon from his first fight in episode 1 but apart from that, the sheer presence that some of the characters have, because of their nature, words and looks just makes it so impressive. My favorite character has to be Donald Na, the main antagonist who is shown very less in the manhwa until season 2 but his design, his fights, everything is just amazing to me. There is no lack of characters as well, more and more delinquents are added to the manhwa, like Jimmy Bae who shares a past with Ben Park, Wolf Kuem who is known to be ruthless and many, many more characters. The character development is phenomenal with Grey going from being a cold and lonely guy to a person who learns to have friends again, he goes through major stuff and each and every time you just respect him more and more as he grows. You also get to see the characters grow and evolve with everyone having been given a good backstory which really raises the level of emotional connect with the characters.

Weak Hero flourishes in its fights, I haven’t read a lot of fighting manga except Tokyo Revengers and while the fights were amazing in that as well, Weak Hero takes things to the next level. The absolute brutality that is shown is amazing, it sends chills down your spine even as you read it. It really hyped me up when I was reading it. I found the tricks that Grey uses clearly interesting and intriguing since its always a new trick each time like using a belt or even soda cans. The story is also pretty proper and that’s what I like, its not mindless fighting to see who is the strongest but rather its tricks, deception, power plays and things like that.

He might fight dirty, but Grey is absolutely brutal

The lesson I got was pretty much, ‘It isn’t right to keep your head down and ignore the wrongdoings around you.’ Even though Grey takes action against the bullies because of a personal story he still takes action and that is what makes him different from his classmates who just choose to ignore what is going around them. Grey shows that courage only comes when you take action because he fights even when he’s scared and he fights brutally, he isn’t afraid of being called lame for his tricks because he knows that the fights that the bullies pick are never fair to begin with. So don’t go charging into every fight like an idiot but make sure that you pay people back for their wrongdoings.

The manhwa is currently ongoing and is on chapter 140 with Season 3 being titled the Last One. If you want to experience an interesting story and some very intense fights in a high school setting then this is right up your alley but be warned that this can be triggering because of the brutal fighting, the show manages to perfectly capture the brutality of the fights and I think it’s just sad kids with sad stories who are just trying to heal their traumas and are forced to fight just because their world is brutal but if you can get through it then please do give it a read. I also want more recommendations for more manhwa’s, I already have Study Group, The Beginning after the End and Lookism lined up.

Rap section:

Delinquents all around welcome to Korea,
Speak out of turn and you can guarantee a,
Punch to the face the least of their worries is the degree a,
New face comes in tryna change the whole idea.

Scrawny looking kid and he’s called a pretty boy,
First day in and they know he’s here to destroy,
The bullies that he faces his pretty face is just a decoy,
Gray Yeon is the name and dirty tactics he’s gonna employ.

Slowly and slowly he’s moving up in the school,
After a gang fight gets invited to play pool,
But he’s got work to do can’t afford to play the fool,
He might look gentle but when he fights he’s cruel.

He likes to keep it straight no dealing with the drama,
Fools try to take him on and then scream for their mama,
In this endless world of cruelty he’s a comma,
You better not mess with him he’s called the White Mamba.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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