Kanata no Astra – Space adventure with lies

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19 and having a great day. This is another anime that I’m guilty of being skeptical of but which turned out to be an excellent and well written adventure.

The story follows Aries Spring a cheerful high schooler in the year 2063, a time where space travel has become easy and commercially viable. Picked out for a special summer camp in which they are taken to a different planet. Planet McPa, a perfect place for the students to survive together and learn to bond with each other while also learning about surviving together. Aries meets with her team, Kanata, a carefree man who is fearless and jumps into danger. Genius Zach who has immense knowledge, Quitterie the usual unfriendly girl who cares about having the trip on her resume and her little sister, cheerful Funicia. Crafty Luca Esposito the son of a senator, quiet and all of Ulgar. Depressed and quiet girl Funhua and handsome and intelligent Charce. While at first glance these seem to be a ragtag team they are flung 5000 light years away from their home planet and have to work together to get back home. Stuck away from home while sinister plots lurk in the background, the crew aboard the Astra now needs to work together to get home.

The character development in the show is extremely well done and while it isn’t gradual like one would expect, it’s more episodic with each episode and encounter with different planets and species leading to the team members opening up about their pasts and insercurities and making up with them to grow and become closer to one another and even experience loss. There is talk of real stuff of parental love and affection and even death all while the group tries to remain cheery and return home. Kanata for example shows leadership and communication skills while Aries shows the will to bring everyone together.

The twists of this anime is where it really shines because even though it’s predictable as to what’s going to happen the show really throws good twists and turns which make the plot much more exhilarating and exciting for us to watch and enjoy and get engrossed in. The plot isn’t about the children getting through space with the power of friendship alone, it’s about plots that run in the background and lies that are greater than themselves. The world building is fairly well done with the steps being gradual and slowly making their way up with different planets, their rules and regulations and the life found on them. While initially I wanted to drop this anime because of its slow start I managed to get through to the third episode from which the thrill and suspense starts and things begun to get good. The comedy is fairly good in the show but that alone wouldn’t be able to carry it for the entire season and so I’m glad they added thrill and suspense to the mix. What I also loved was how the talk of science and technology didn’t confuse me because it’s rather difficult to make sci fi stuff without confusing the watchers but the show manages to balance it quite well.

That aside the themes of trauma and making up with your past is really big in this show because the characters are all connected in some way and we don’t know what until the very later parts of the show. While the real reason is very different the team is also bound through their own traumas which they must deal with like all humans need to and learn to accept their insecurities. Like I said earlier the change in characters is episodic with each episode dealing with different characters and different themes in general. Parental love, identity and all sorts of stuff. The lesson learnt is that in order to move forward you need to resolve your past, not cut ties with it. You need to come to terms with your identity and learn that you can’t control everything in life but that despite that you need to keep moving forward.

The pacing of the show according to me is extremely well done because they managed to adapt 5 volumes of a manga into 12 epsiodes and make it beautiful. The OP and Endings are cut out in certain episodes and the first last episodes are twice the length of the others but that makes it worth it so they can adapt it properly. With loads of comedy and thrill in the anime I make this a must watch for people who like sci fi stuff in general and for those who struggle with identity and past trauma. With the finale being, a perfect end to the pretty adventure that we were presented and every plot line being nearly tied up. Kanata no Astra is a great anime with no dull moments. Do check it out. Per aspera ad astra.

Rap section

Take it out to space futuristic summer camp,
All new planet the world is in total revamp,
Exciting space adventure people up the amp,
To become of space adventure a real champ.

Aries Spring clumsy but ready to take it space,
Camp planet but they’re taken to a whole new place,
Accidental occurance and now they need to brace,
Themselves to get back home it’s a race.

Suffering from his past Kanata’s the captain,
Ready for leading into his chair he’s strapped in,
All while figuring out what they’re wrapped in,
Things seem hopeless but all tough he’s acting.

All set to go if enemies come they’re gonna blast the,
The life out of them as they together move past the,
Lonely and fearful and planned out disaster,
Ready to get home welcome aboard ship Astra.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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