Solo Leveling: The greatest manhwa

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. I’ve been getting in manga and manhwa lately and this was one of the first I read and man, I’ve been sleeping on some good stuff. It’s really good and I started reading when it was at around chapter 147 so I’m no OG but I loved it. SPOILERS, mostly visuals and me running my mouth but still SPOILERS.

The story of the manhwa is extremely simple. There have been portals called ‘gates’ appearing all over the world at the same time specific people ‘awakened’ to having superpowers. Having more endurance, strength, agility, these characteristics allowed them to step inside the gates and battle monsters inside. The gates and the monsters as well as the awakened all give off ‘mana’ readings which allows them to use their magic skills. Now that the world has turned into a RPG with the awakened being called ‘Hunters’ and hunting has become a real job which pays depending on which rank you are from E to S, there is one specific hunter who is out protagonist. Hunter Sung Jin Woo, labelled, ‘The Weakest Hunter of Humanity’ by his fellow hunters steps into an E rank dungeon which turns out to be a double dungeon. Risking going inside the squad is mercilessly massacred all while Sung Jin Woo tries to find an escape. He passes out inside the dungeon awakening to find hismelf in a hospital with a game like ‘System’ that claims that he has not become a ‘Player’. Messing around with the system, Jin Woo figures out that the System wants him to get stronger and Level Up for a purpose. Pledging to get stronger he trains with the system guiding him, levelling up all while dealing with the world politics, the price of becoming strong and learning more about the monsters and their world. What seems to be random events all link up when Sung Jin Woo comes into the picture as a greater threat looms over the world.

The manhwa has really straight forward characters for the most part, with them being fun and easy to remember though some are really unforgettable. One of these is Thomas Andre, an American Hunter who is really really strong, he comes in for a major plot point and I absolutely loved his carefree and arrogant attitude. There’s Sung’s very own sister Jjnha whom he absolutely adores and she’s the character which allows down things a bit after the greatest action scene. The cast is really vast and I’m glad this is a manhwa because I wouldn’t have been able to remember the characters without their faces. All characters are well written and fleshed out with good backstories for heroes and villans alike. They’re all having their own powers and their own personalities and they stay loyal to them making it interesting to read.

The art is where the manhwa really really shines. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at and the way it flows is really like you’re watching an anime. The fight scenes are well drawn with the intensity of the fights clearly visible along with the sheer OPness of Sung Jin Woo with his dodges and skills. The system which appears also doesn’t make the panels cluttered but rather blends in well. The colouring is beautiful and vibrant with, dark colours being used for the fights and bright ones for the cities and characters making a really good scene to look at. Another way it stands out is with its game like features with Jin Woo getting stats which he boosts, a mana meter which depletes along with an HP bar, he checks weapon’s DPS and their perks as well as has unique skills like, ‘The Commander’s Touch’ and others.

Seriously, tell me that this isn’t lit art.

The lesson I pulled from the manhwa is ‘keep moving forward’, no matter how many times Sung Jin Woo has to face dire situations which he absolutely cannot get out of, no matter how many times he has to face enemies tougher than him, he simply keeps moving forward with a bright face and takes down his enemies one by one. He has absolute confidence in his skills and shows it when he once says, “I’ll swallow the system whole.” Just like real life, we may not have to face monsters and face end of the world scenarios but we have our own battles which we must fight and keep moving forward.

The manhwa is still ongoing and it’s not going to be stopping anytime soon I know that for sure, I’m on chapter 154 at the time of writing and the good stuff is just getting started. A total underdog story of Zero to Hero, amazing fights and great visuals combined with an incredibly well crafted out story, Solo Leveling is the right manhwa to get you started.

Rap section:

Portals opened in our world and now people becoming hunters,
With their super powers the awakened ones perform wonders,
Have to clear out the gates properly there can’t be any blunders,
Or the monsters are gonna break through and appear in our world in clusters.

Low level dungeon but inside strikes calamity,
Trying to go in the double dungeon was the wrong mentality,
Can’t even describe the scene what occured was brutality,
Once called the Weakest Jin Woo now might be the last hope of humanity,

Inside the dungeon he gained a power unique,
Backed by the system he’s aiming for the peak,
He’s leveling up by going on a killing streak,
The only thing he has from before is the Courage of the Weak.

Armed with his daggers he appears to enemies like Thanatos,
Leveling up more than needed because the man knows,
That a greater threat is coming to take everyone to the gallows,
Villan like look and Savior of the world he’s the Monarch of Shadows.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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