Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. I went into this anime expecting a new concept and I was not disappointed. This anime is something of a James Bond parody and a ‘What if Tony Stark was a detective?’ kind of thing but despite that it still maintains its originality.

The story follows Daisuke Kambe, heir to the Kambe group and a millionaire (though with his expenses he seems to be a billionaire.) He transfers to the Metropolitan Police Force of Japan, into the modern crime prevention task force which is regarded as a lesser task force than The First Division. He is met by Haru Kato, a man who sees policemen as heroes of justice and believes that the world has only good and bad people nothing in the middle. Though childish in their own ways, with Kato having a pure sense of justice and way of doing things, which we usually see in children and Daisuke relying on his tech and money to be reckless and do the mission as he sees fit, the two work together to solve cases and reveal themselves to each other while Daisuke’s true mission of becoming a detective is revealed.

The story has a lot of fun characters like Cho, the old and wise detective who knows the way of doing things and who taught Kato a lot, then there’s Takei, chief of the first division, Hoshino who was a previous partner of Kato, Suzue a woman who lends help to Daisuke, HEUSC an AI like JARVIS and a butler to Daisuke and a lot more. The reason I can’t remember the names of the other characters is because they are just there to fill spots and serve only one specific role. Though they aren’t memorable they are still lovable characters. As for the main cast, they are all extremely well written, have growth and we are given a deep sense of their character.

Daisuke is shown to be an arrogant rich man who wants to slap money on everything but later on we see why and how he uses his money. He uses it so that he can put his unconventional plans into action, like influencing traffic and then leading a high speed car chase through the streets to catch the culprit in a trap. His money exploits also give so many more chances for funny moments. His character is shown and developed the most when he forgets his phone and earpiece at home and has to survive without his money. During this time we also get a look in Kato’s life as he supports Daisuke and shows him the way he lives, that is a simple life. We eventually see that behind the confident and unfazed man is a seeker of truth. Kato on the other hand is shown to be on the journey to realize that he is a hero and not just a civil servant.

The show is comedic till the point it reveals Kato and Daisuke’s nature to us enough for us to understand and relate to them. Eventually the show turns dark and serious, though it is hard to take it seriously at first, it is through over the top means like death and explosions that we really understand what is at stake. The plot is something deep that is revealed eventually with every scene meaning something.

The show is amazing, with comedy and thrill all mixed into one big packet. This show is original and yet inspired from many. The twist at the end is really satisfying and the ending itself is pretty good so I suggest everyone to watch it, not as something to be connected to but as a fun way to pass the time. The show despite being a comedy does ask a serious question, “Is money truly the only.thing to care about ?” And my answer is no because Daisuke shows that he knows how much he can spend and he has enough to spend recklessly and so he does without hurting anyone else to get his money. In the end, money is shown to be a tool to be used only when you know how to use it.

Rap section:

Hero of justice Kato with a tragic past,
A millionaire brat is here to join him with a blast,
He does it all different driving in cars fast,
The nature of these two is a very sharp contrast.

Daisuke is here and he’s on the case with his money,
He solves every case his work is done and he,
Tries to leave Kato behind cause he’s a dummy,
But in the end these two always make things funny.

He’s not alone he’s got a task force on his side,
He seems so calm and cool but deep inside,
Is a horrible past that he has for long denied,
Gadgets and tools relative Suzue is his guide.

He’s using his money to do tasks that are prohibited,
Solves all the clues there’s no place he hasn’t visited,
He’s spending all his money every minute and,
Yet in the end his account says Balance Unlimited.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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