A corpse is buried under sakurako’s feet: An incomplete thriller

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. This is an anime you must watch, it’s for everyone except if you’re sensetive to the themes of death and the likes, if not carry on ahead.

I found this anime on Netflix and I was expecting a good mystery thriller and that is what I got. I watched the first episode which was captivating and though it seemed more philosophical at first it later turned out to be a combination of psychological thriller, comedy and philosophy making it a must watch for everyone.

The story follows Shotaro Tatewaki, a high schooler who spends his time with an osteologist, Sakurako Kujou. The story picks up at a point where they have already known each other for quite some time and so we get to see their already shared connection as they search for homes for Sakurako to make into specimens. The pair are shown to be already comfortable with each other, as Shotaro acts as a guardian to the sometimes child like Sakuraro as he states himself. They are comfortable to joke around with each other and engage in some truly philosophical discussions with one another as to the meaning of life, affection and sentimentalism. Together the two stumble into corpses and mystery cases which Sakurako solves using her brilliant and cunning mind while Shotaro provides as a contrast to her cold and detached opinions and also as the voice of the viewers. The cases though seemingly seperated at first soon come together in the build up to a villan that is as smart as Sakurako herself.

Symbolism is highly used to convey messages and themes and to connect the cases which if you are brilliant enough to spot you’ll figure some things out much before they are actually revealed in the show. The mysteries solved are truly incredible and range from homicide investigations to people’s disappearances to even something as simple as a white lie having an impact on someone. The cases are all very emotional and will truly let you understand that every case has an impact on Shotaro as he grows and Sakurako as she changes a bit. There is an underlying mystery as well which is explained in due time showing why a woman like Sakuraro took an interest in a high school boy like Shotaro. Then there is the opening tagline, “A story dedicated to those trapped in the past.” Which refers to the dead people and the living who live in remorse of the grief of losing their loved ones. It also refers to bones since those are the things Sakurako loves showing her to be trapped in the past with a secret that is very close to her heart.

The personalities of the characters are well developed as once established the characters all act according to their nature and don’t do something just for the sake of the plot. Every little action is explained and shows us a but more about the character themselves. Sakurako who seems to be a cold and detached psychopath who only cares for her bones at first is shown to be so much more with her actions and expressions to different things. She is shown to be childlike in her love for sweets and listening like a child when her grandmother is strict with her about eating something sweet before dinner. She is shown to love bones and has no remorse for the corpses and the death but later on as we dive deeper into her character we see that she is more detached that heartless and there are moments when even she can be emotional and vulnerable. Then there is Shotaro who acts as her assistant, voice of reason and shows us how a normal person would react to the situation. He is shown affection by Sakurako but she is also annoyed at him when he calls the police on things and when he doesn’t let her listen to loud music. He is shown to grow emotionally and mentally by the end of the show which is shown by the choice he makes at the end. There are other characters are well who help in one way or another with the investigation and are all developed emotionally with the cases.

Overall, the mysteries are pretty good, they aren’t something extraordinary but they are something that you would enjoy. The visuals are pretty good as shown when Sakurako puts on her gloves and is shown to be surrounded by multipe floating skeletons of animals in different colours as she says her signature line, “Now, let’s save this mystery.” Which kind of reminds me of the File of Young Kindaichi. The ending though satisfying feels like it is missing the last few episodes or a second season and for that reason I will try to get a hold of the Light Novel to complete the story, regardless the anime is a must watch with great animation, awesome story and good enough music.

Rap section:

Quiet little town with a secluded old manor,
Sakurako living all alone till she begins her,
Case solving spree against a mastermind planner,
Shotaro standing by surprised at her manner.

Mastermind genius only thing she loves is bones,
Diving in deep and solving various unknowns,
Quite irritable and when asked for help she groans,
But by helping Shotaro for an innocent sin she atones.

She’s solving cases like they’re a piece of cake,
Got good intuition she never makes a mistake,
She can’t let the kid down and for his sake,
With one look she can tell if a bone is real or fake.

No weapons her greatest tool is her mind,
At the first look she doesn’t seem so kind,
But when she’s with Shotaro combined,
Each and every buried corpse they find.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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