Oshi no Ko – A gripping tale that draws you in

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe and healthy. I got reccomended this on reddit more specifically on the COTE subreddit where someone posted a panel which resembled a scene from COTE. In a moment of honesty here, I will tell you all that never have I ever made such extensive notes for a review but more than half of it won’t be making it into this review because I don’t want to spoil you guys. That aside, mild SPOILERS ahead.

The story starts with a gynecologist named Goro watching his favourite idol, Ai Hoshino on the TV. To his surprise he finds that Ai has come to his hospital to get a checkup. He confirms that she is pregnant woth twins and helps Ai through the last remaining months of her pregnancy. However on nearing the delivery date Goro is attacked and killed but when he awakens he sees himself face to face with Ai and realises that he is reborn as Ai’s child while keeping all the memories about his past intact. Renamed to Aquamarine Hoshino, he enjoys a life with Ai and his new sister, Ruby Hoshino who is also a reincarnation with past memories. Things happen which lead to Aquamarine nicknamed Aqua to start on a quest that will take him through the dirty realities of the entertainment world for him to reach his end goal.

The characters are so detailed in the manga and I absolutely love it. Our main character Aquamarine Hoshino, I’ll just call him Aqua from here on out, is an interesting character to watch on his quest. His complexity comes with him suffering from guilt while also having a driving passion for things causing him great internal conflict on how he should feel about things. While there are other characters like child prodigy actress Kana Arima, Aqua’s own sister Ruby and Akane Kurokawa who basically make up the main cast of the manga who all go through heavy character development, I do not want to talk about them for fear of giving out spoilers. I will just have you know that the manga goes slow by giving us lots of things to get attached to the characters, know what they are feeling and understand their motivations from their past while also keeping the story interesting.

The manga does a good job of showing the many dirty realities of the entertainment world while also providing a compelling story to draw the audience in and understand the characters in depth. The author doesn’t hold back when talking about the entertainment world and goes into some real stuff that certainly impressed me because while showing us that, the author also managed to develop characters, show their relationships and also keep Aqua’s main goal relevant to the plot. The switch is also so smooth and amazing that there is never a dull moment throughout the manga. The manga is also deeply psychological by dealing with the story by showing us what the characters think and feel while also showing us a game of wits to progress the plot.

Appearances are deceptive. The entertainment world is a lie that is told to us to satisfy us, the idol world, the entertainment world, the reality show world and the manga world, it’s all not as good as it seems from the outside that is what the manga tells us and it tells it in such a beautiful way that you will be left thinking about it for quiet a while.

The manga is currently ongoing at chapter 70. The plot is going well and I am hopeful for how the story will progress. With it’s engaging plot, well written characters beautifully interwoven with commentary on the realities of the entertainment world, I hoghly recommend Oshi no Ko to fans of psychological manga.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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