Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. You’ll either love or hate this anime so this is basically more of an overview and my thoughts than a recommendation.

The story starts odd pretty slow with an organization by the name of Shoshidai recovering a legendary demon sword by the name of Zsoltgewinn. The show goes on to explain that when a weapon consumes enough blood it gains a life of its own and possesses humans causing them to lose their identity and become the weapon itself, becoming Busoma. Then come the one who can fight against the control of the weapon and have some time before they become Busoma called Chyrsalis. These terms are important and come up all throughout the show so if you’re not good at remembering things then this may not be the show for you. The story’s protagonist is Gai, a boy who is connected to the Shiryu another demon sword which is bound to his fate. Gai while being recruited by the Shoshidai uses the Shiryu against his opponents while a wide array of activities go on in the back to fulfil a prophecy that will destroy humanity with Gai and his Shiryu being the centre of it while the Shoshidai tries their best to stop it.

The story is disjointed because you’ll see a character one moment and then the next moment there is something completely different going on. The Busoma aspect also makes it so that you have very less time to connect with the characters before they become a emotionless killing machine. This is the reason that many of you may drop the show because there are a lot of characters who do a lot of different stuff that at last line up to fuel the final battle at the end of the show so if you are ever confused have patience and if you don’t then I’m sorry to say that you won’t like this show. I personally had the patience to sit through the boring disjointed scenes and I really likes the ending it built up to. I’m also a sucker for swords, ancient curses, demons and the classic good vs bad stories so that is another reason I was hooked to the show. Another thing that’s bad about the show is that the perspectives are always changing and though there is a definite protagonist some might not be able to connect to it.

Now let talk about the plus points of the show, the animation is insane and the fights are really good and I really wanted more and more of it. The show has a few characters who are really well written and you can really connect to like Seiya Ichigo. I liked the symbolism the show presents like the two characters Gai and Shin representing Darkness and Light while wielding their respective inferior and superior swords. And how the message of ‘people having underlying hatred and their thirst for power is what causes destruction and violence and how everyone needs something to protect to fight.’ is really very subtle and lying beneath the disjointed show. There’s also the fact that Gai says he wants to live like a sword and when he sees what it really is to live like one he abandons the idea. I liked how there are sweet and tender moments in between the constant fighting though I would have liked the show to be a little better paced. The seemingly unrelated characters also in the end cause major impact and line up the events for the main characters, Shin and Gai. All the plotlines are also solved in the end with everyone getting what they wanted and a happy end.

Neutral point is that the show is more about how blades possess people using their own existing hatred and causing them to cause harm to others which in turn continues the cycle of Busoma creation. How you take it is your way because I personally liked that we saw how the weapons ruined the lives of multiple people from multiple people’s perspectives.

While not a masterpiece, Swordgai has a lot of potential and I’m not a hater but I would have liked to see some more work put into the show like one episode focusing on particular event only instead of multiple events. I really liked the show and all of it pays off in the end so all I can say is that you should watch it for yourself to find out if you will like it or not.

Rap section:

Weapons come alive and take the body of humans,
We can only kill them don’t have another solution,
Who’s good who’s bad that’s all in confusion,
Working for one goal to reach humanity’s conclusion.

Selected by the blade Gai gets pulled into a world,
Where each and every day attacks are hurled,
But he’s not just another Chysalis that’s confirmed,
Savior of humanity or destroyer he’s emerged.

Wielding an inferior blade it becomes his arm,
Come to fight him and he will cause harm,
And to the Shoshidai he causes great alarm,
Watch him as he crushes the world in his palm.

Representation of darkness but he fights for good,
No matter who the enemy he has always strong stood,
He’s got a girl who cares for him who always would,
Shouts at the others that Gai is misunderstood.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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