Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. This is an interesting anime let’s say, It’s got a little bit of everything but the main themes are the King’s power and the Voids. I personally think that you should watch a few episodes and decide for yourself if you want to watch it.

The show starts off with a fairly mysterious vibe and a beautiful song and we see the main character Shu Ouma questioning himself and his life, he talk about all of his problems like social anxiety and how he can’t maintain conversation for long. He’s insecure like everyone in the world but then he comes across a chance, a chance to change his life. Though initially weak Shu decides to take up responsibility because he wants to get to know Inori (his main Love Interest) a bit more. Through the craziness Shu accidently absorbs the power of the Void Genome giving him the power to draw out Voids, that are people’s heart that have taken material form, this power is called the ‘King’s power’ named appropriately as we later find out. After this Shu meets with Gai the leader of the Rebel group Undertakers who are fighting against the GHQ, the organization that supresses the people in the name of cleaning out the apocalypse Virus that spread in Japan on Lost Christmas. Gai is shown as an exact opposite of Shu, fearless and determined. Gai takes up responsibility for every life that he leads and reprimands Shu for taking the King’s power which was meant for him.

The show is set in a near future time so there are giant robots that are remotely controlled by humans called the Endlaves. Shu as we see gains extreme power when he draws out voids so much so that when he takes out Inori’s void which is a sword, a weapon appropriate for a King, he takes out multiple Endlaves by himself. The show then sees Shu transform as he trains to use the King’s power to support Gai and the Undertakers though initially deemed unworthy Shu soon learns to use the power and gets accepted by the Undertakers, this leads him to growing and becoming more mature as commented also by other characters. However Shu doesn’t realize that his connection to the Apocalypse Virus, the Lost Christmas and Inori and Gai themselves runs far deeper than he would have ever thought.

Soon things start going haywire and it’s one action scene after another until there’s a lovely scene between Inori and Shu and things calm down for a bit, to be honest if you look at the openings and the closing credits you can figure out the story as they change not too much but just enough as when Shu and Inori start getting closer they are shown walking together but then when they drift apart we see the end credits with the same song but with Shu and Inori walking in different directions. The romance is subtle and it is more of doing things for each other and sharing feelings because I don’t remember a single ‘I love you’ from the story but I do remember a lot of incredible tender moments. There is a lot of symbolism and reference from the Bible (which I personally have not read) but if you look at it the anime is a story of how a forced Adam and Eve would create a new world, a world for whose creation the current humans must die out. We also see towards the end that Gai was also insecure in his heart but he didn’t show it to anyone that is except Shu who though is called an Imposter proves himself to be the True King. The title is also justified since Shu is guilty of a lot of sins and he is connected to the thing that brought the Virus. The tagline of the anime ‘The right to use my friends as weapons that is the guilty crown that I shall bear’. But mostly he feels the loss of his comrades the hardest because he uses their voids and their safety is his duty as king that is why he bears the ‘Guilty Crown’. Some people also think that the string figure that Inori gives to Shu also symbolises his Guilty Crown.

The ending of the anime is bittersweet, the entire last 2 episodes consisting of everything from the fights and actions to the fates of all the individual characters it will have you in tears at the very end with the nice music that plays needless to say a lot of sacrifices are made but in the end those that survived are shown to have grown quite a lot. The show puts forward a lot of questions such as, Is forced Evolution correct?, can we decided when a new race is to come?, when the time comes will man truly be the species than will survive the longest? Alongside these there are also other questions but the main one is ‘What is Sin? and what does it truly mean to be a King?’. The show provides its own answers to these questions but I believe that people can differ in opinions so tell me what you think of the anime in my DM’s.

Rap Section:

I’m just a nobody running from responsibilities,
Nervous around people tired of the disabilities,
But there appear countless possibilities,
When I take to the limit my capabilities.

Never asked for this power didn’t want to be King,
But I got a girl to protect so I can hear her sing,
So if you take her from me chaos is what I’m gonna bring,
Wielding her void that is a sword that I swing.

I know I was weak but now I just grow stronger,
Wish we just had some time I wanted to know her longer,
If you think you can trick me don’t even bother,
I might be a fool but I’m a King with honour.

I feel the pain as every one of my allies is cut down,
They do it with me all of it to protect our home town,
There are a lot of them but I will take down,
Every enemy as I bear on my head this Guilty Crown.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.

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