Steins Gate 0 – The unknown story we needed

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19 and having a great day. Don’t blame me for this one. I didn’t even know this existed until very recently. Heavy SPOILERS FOR THE ORGINAL STEINS GATE.

The story of Stein’s Gate 0 is a bit complex to explain. At Episode 23, the point where Okabe heads into the future to save Makise Kurisu, fails and then comes back. That very point had two possible outcomes. A deciding moment in the strings of time. Episode 23 (beta) divergence, shows Mayuri defending Okarin instead of slapping him. This deciding moment is what is called the ‘Death of Houin Kyuoma.’ As Okabe decides to stop messing around with time leaping and D-mail and simply become a normal college student. His life is peaceful as he gives up the labcoat and instead takes to wearing a black suit. He is reminded of his past again when a professor from the college where Makise Kurisu studied at comes to give a seminar on a new AI system Amadeus, which can act as human by using memories of humans converted into data. The thing that connects it to Okabe is that they have made an Amadeus AI of Makise Kurisu. As the wheel of fate turns once again, Okabe struggles against new enemies to protect his friends once again.

It’s a pleasure to see old characters coming back but in a new light, our hero Okabe Rintaro wants nothing to do with time machines anymore and yet the strings of fate pull him back in making him have to battle once again. It’s heartbreaking to watch him relieve his past experiences of fighting against the same outcome over and over again and yet he grows stronger each time. There’s Mayuri and Daru, while Mayuri still retains her cheerful personality, things get dark pretty quick and she too tried to figure out why Okabe is sad and tries to heal him, my favorite super hacker on the other hand remains largely unchanged, he’s kind and gentle as always and still perverted. Ruka, Faris and Suzuha show up as well and new characters are also introduced such as the eccentric and fun loving Professor Leskinen who was Kurisu’s professor and Maho who was Kurisu’s senior and has a complex about being inferior to her. All these characters share their own little arcs even Rukako and that too across world lines and that is what makes Steins Gate 0 a memorable experience.

The anime shines in keeping the dark and gritty theme that is much different from the original Steins Gate. This time Okabe wears a dark suit and more of the scenes are shot in the night or in shadows during the day to really give it the dark vibe that the World Line has which is that this World Line which we see will actually be the World Line that leads to World War 3 and while Okabe tried living a peaceful life and we do see some fun moments and light fun they are overshadowed by the constant pain and suffering that Okabe has to go through only this time he is much more despair than before and I bet his suffering will bring you to tears as well. And Steins Gate 0 does what Steins Gate does best, to tell a complex story with such skill that not even one second of screen time is for something useless, it all adds up. The symbolism is also seriously well done with the shifting of Okabe wearing Black showing that he is lying to himself while the white represented that he was true to himself. There’s also the story of Salieri and Mozart also playing a good role as an analogy for the viewer.

The lesson you could draw from this part of Okabe’s journey is that no one can become God, as Okabe himself says that time is a creation of God, a system that they must not mess around with or they will pay the price dearly, there is another person who seeks desperately after the Time Machine to become God and reshape the world as he sees fit. The end of the show also makes Okabe realize that the complexities that he has to go through, the pain and suffering, its all a part of God’s bigger plan and all he has to do is believe and do is duty and not run away. In life, we too are running away and what we need to do is to stand out ground and play our part and believe that we will get the outcome that we deserve. We will all open the Steins Gate someday.

Now the big question that I had before watching the show as well, “Why should I watch this when Steins Gate is a perfectly constructed story in and of itself ?” Well then let me tell you, you all must remember that Okabe received a video from his future self at the end of Episode 23. The Okabe in that video, this is his journey filled with more miseries and sorrows. This is the untold story that makes things make even more sense than before and the best part is that we get to watch the Death and rebirth of Houin Kyouma. With that settled, Steins Gate 0 is a much watch for every Steins Gate fan. See the pain and suffering that had to happen in order for the Steins Gate to open.

Rap section

Mad scientist I was out there playing with time,
Wanted to see the limits I kept up the my climb,
Now that mistakes are made I see that I’m,
Not as great as I used to be I’ve commited a crime.

I thought I was doing good and changing the system,
I thought that I was the good guy saving the victim,
I realize God’s will realize that I can’t resist him,
Now that new threats arrive I’ll use this wisdom.

I’m not the man I used to be but I’ll never give up,
My tears will being results like it’s collected in a cup,
This isn’t the finale this is just a little bump,
I’m gonna make it to the Steins Gate yup.

I’m armed with my knowledge I’m the mad scientist,
Houin Kyouma rises to rule with an iron fist,
Of my enemies I’m gonna clear up the entire list,
In order to reach Steins Gate this challenge is the finalist.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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