Lookism: From discrimination to gangs

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. My cousin recommended this to me and I was putting this off because of the chapters but man, this can get you hooked. As of writing this, Workers (3 affiliates) (16) Episode 345 is the latest chapter. SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS AND A BIT OF THE PLOT AHEAD.

The story is really complex and long. It’s more than 300 episodes, what did you expect ? Well anyway, Daniel Park, he’s a fat, short and ugly guy who is constantly bullies by his classmates Logan Lee. Desperate to get away from his life of constant bullying, Daniel asks his mom to change schools. Daniel shifts away and starts living alone in Seoul and dreads going to school fearing that he’ll be bullied again. He sleeps that night onky to wake up in a much more handsome and fit body. He finds that he can switch his consciousness between two bodies. Daniel decides to go to school in his new body and with that begins his adventure at J-High. While at first Daniel realizes how much his new body can change things for him because he’s much more handsome and strong now. He also learns that his new body has a past of its own and in wanting to know the body’s truth he goes up against a sinister group and a plot which runs so deep that it will pull him into the parts of Seoul that are best left untouched.

The characters are diverse and have well fleshed out back stories and when I mean well fleshed out I mean that some of them get more than 10 episodes for their stories. More than 10. There’s boxer Zach Lee who is at first seen as just a measure of showing how good Daniel’s new body is but when he gets serious he can bring some pain, he’s an ally to Daniel and works with him for his own reason. There’s Vasco who is the leader of the crew Burn Knuckles in the school, he’s an airhead and wants to punish the bag guys. There’s Mira who is Zach’s love interest, Jace, second in command to Vasco. The quiet blonde boy Jay who obviously has a thing for Daniel and helps him out. There’s many, many, many other charatcers who are of extreme significance to the story and are interesting to watch.

The manhwa flourishes in its first half of showing how people discriminate on the basis of looks. An example of this is when Daniel goes to a store with his mother to buy clothes. While he is rejected as poor in his original body, when he comes in his new body he is respected. The second half of the manhwa which focuses on the secret of Daniel’s new body has tons of amazing fights. While that’s a plus point of lookism, for the people who came to see Daniel living the life of a slice of life comedy hero while dealing with the discrimination and insecurities, are disappointed simply because the first half of the manhwa simply served to set up the second half of the story which is all about fighting, gangs and elaborate plans. So beware while the first part is all about happiness and Daniel’s life, the second half is about fighting and while it still touches on dark themes, the story becomes so complex that even Daniel recieves very less screentime. The Webtoon has some amazinf comedy with throwbacks to DBZ, the File of Young Kindaichi and even Demon Slayer.

The lesson I pulled is from the first half of the manhwa is obviously don’t judge people based on looks, Daniel is treated very differently in both of his bodies and that just goes to show how much peoole discriminate on the basis of looks, so much so that they won’t even recognise if the same person came infront of them in a different body. This body is just a covering for our soul and so judging based on that is simply not right, the same goes for animal cruelty, animals just have a different body than us but they are souls on the inside too.

The manhwa is currently ongoing and it’s going strong. The fights are amazing, the intensity will give you chills and while I was the guy who enjoyed both the discrimination part and the fight part is the manhwa some people might not so I’ll give you a piece of advice, if you don’t like fights and are here for the message on discrimination based on looks then you should drop the Webtoon when the Four Crews arc starts and if you’re here for the fights then it’s worth sitting through the Episodes on discrimination since they really set up the plot well. With all that said, Lookism is an absolute must read for people who want to know about the social issues of discrimination but are excited about fights as well. The buildup is slow but the story that comes after is much worth it.

Rap section:

High school days they’re not exactly easy,
Fatty Daniel Park his bully makes him uneasy,
Getting punched paying up all to a guy sleazy,
One punch to the stomach and he feels wheezy.

Running away from the school he wants a new life,
Whether to go or not his insecurity bring him strife,
In his useless life he has problems rife,
Little does he know that a storm is gonna arrive.

He goes to sleep fat and wakes up handsome,
Sees his own self sleeping like he’s seeing a phantom,
At first glance this new body seems like luck random,
But little does he know that more things are moving in tandem.

In his new body he’s making some new friends,
Getting famous he’ll take any job on the pay it depends,
But little does he know this his secret extends,
Much deeper than he thinks and much more than he comprehends.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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