Yasuke: Mechas, Hip hop and Samurai

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The story moves back and forth a few times between 1582 and 1602. During 1582 and a few years before that we see Yasuke, a proud samurai who is accepted by Lord Nobunaga despite him being a black foreigner. Yasuke watches Nobunaga fall as he is attacked by his own men turning against him and the evil Daimyo coming and taking over in his place. 20 years later Yasuke tries to our his past as the legendary “Black Samurai” behind him and love as a humble boatsman in a small remote village. His peaceful life is threatened when he is asked by a singer at the inn he frequents to transport herself and a girl upstream into the warring zone. Learning that the girl is special and connected to his own past, he takes up his sword one last time for the journey. In a 16th century Japan where Mechas and magic are combined with Samurai and swordplay, Yasuke is a tale about an outsider having more honor and values that the people of the country themselves.

The show has a short but nice cast of characters with really diverse origins wether it be Russian Werebear assassin Nikita or giant robot (who is somewhat like Baymax from big hero six) named Haruto who has awesome skills but is a bit of an airhead. There’s their employer Abraham who claims to work for the Catholic church and gives trouble to Yasuke and Saki on their quest. Among others he hires there’s a black Shaman Achoja and a knife weilding assassin known as Ishikawa. Apart from there ther are people from Yasuke’s own past such as the great warrior Morisuke who fought proudly beside Yasuke. There is also Natsumaru, the only female Samurai among the ranks of the Lord Oda Nobunaga, who shares a bond with Yasuke at them both being considered outsiders. The short cast each have their own personalities and clash with each other over money, power and ideologies. There isn’t much time for any character development but that fits the show perfectly with its short length and how the characters perfectly fit into the story.

The show shines in its ability to combine Mecha robots and magic with Samurais and use Hip hop music as background music making for a new, fun atmosphere, different from any other shoe about Samurai while still remaining to be a serious show about Yasuke, a great samurai who is devoted to his morals. The show manages to get in some great fights due to its fast pacing and robots with magic but at the same time each of the characters contribute in moving the story forward and keeping it simple and serious.

The show deals with guilt honor as Yasuke, who is told many a times that he is an outsider and a servant and someone who shouldn’t be a Samurai is the only one who stays loyal to his Lord till the end. He never gives up on his honor not when he becomes a Samurai and not when he is a simple slave. He is a warrior who serves with honor and never compromises no matter what happens. He is also shown to deal with guilt and haunted by nightmares, being treated like an outsider but he never gives up his honor even when that happens. He is numerous times told that a servant will remain a servant by people even when he serves no man as mockery but it is true because no matter what he always serves his values and honor. It transitions perfectly into real life, teaching us to serve out values and not our impulses and temptations, to be honourable and firm.

The ending shows Yasuke dealing with his guilt and the ghosts of his past as he shows that he will never compromise his honor no matter what happens. It’s satisfying and deals with all the plotlines tying up perfectly. With all the action and emotions of the show you’re in the for the trwat of your life with a late night binge. A thrilling 6 episode adventure, Yasuke is definetly a must watch for everyone, if you’re good with the blood and violence that is.

Rap section:

Take to the 16th century back to feudal Japan,
For betraying Lord Oda there’s a sinister plan,
With magic and mechas the destruction began,
Black Samurai serving till the end he’s the main man.

20 years later and he’s now rowing a boat,
Down the river in a small village remote,
Drinking with his guilt struggling to stay afloat,
When he’s dodging strikes he’s the GOAT.

Old Samurai teaming with a sick girl,
One little favor and watch the chaos unfurl,
She’s the only one who can save this world,
For her he’ll give his blade once more a twirl.One strike from his sword and you’re a goner,
He just wants to alone doesn’t want a bother,
Casual guards are for him just fodder,
Yasuke is the name and he serves his honor.

One strike from his sword and you’re a goner,
He just wants to alone doesn’t want a bother,
Casual guards are for him just fodder,
Yasuke is the name and he serves his honor.

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