OREGAIRU – A teenage love comedy with lessons

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19 and having a great day. I saw a lot of posts about this anime on my explore page so it was only fair that I watched it since knowing only the end didn’t make sense and man this thing has some emotions. Better be prepared. SPOILERS for all 3 seasons.

The story follows three high schoolers with a fourth one coming in later but basically just three, Hikigaya Hachiman, loner and detached teenager who is pessimistic about the world, he writes an essay, ‘Youth is a lie’ which lands him in deep trouble with his teacher causing him to join the Service club. The club President and sole member is Yukinoshita Yukinon, a beautiful girl who is extremely smart and quick to insult Hachiman when she first sees him. The teacher, Hiratsuka makes a request from Yukinoshita that she reform Hachiman so he can fit in with society. Believing that the two loners can help each other, Hiratsuka leaves them be. Soon joined by Yuigahama Yui the club starts helping out people while at the same time going through the period of change that they have in high school and coming to understand and accept their feelings. Learning that they are actually joined by fate since the first day of school, the three work together to figure out what it is they want with life.

There are many other characters like Iroha, the cheery and goofy Kouhai of the group who joins them and acts as a real pillar for supporting Hachiman and the others. Then there is Hayama Hayato, the popular kid in class, the exact opposite of Hachiman, despite their differences he becomes quite an integral part of the story and the character development. There are many others like Tobe the goofy boy, Totsuka the one that seems like a girl, Zaimokuza a man with an interest in history so much so that he lives in a fantasy world, the rebel Saki Kawasaki, the little sister of Hachiman, Komachi. All of them make for excellent characters on high school and are relatable as we follow the story of the school and more specifically the Service Club and their adventures.

The character development and writing is what I love about this one. There’s like an entire underlying story through which you can see the development between the three and how they eventually learn and become into the people they are at the end of the show. The writing is absolutely brilliant and witty with Yukinoshita and her insults, Yuigahama and her cluelessness and Hachiman and his pessimism. All of this makes the characters feel rooted to their original way that they were written while at the same time they also evolve. The character development is symbolic since this is high school a period of chance and the entire show is necessarily about change. The concept of hating oneself is also very common and we see just how damaging it is. The show is well paced as well having heavy and light moments all the time to keep us calm and excited.

The lesson I take from this show is that ‘Change is imminent’ and that ‘to find something genuine one needs to work hard and be uncomfortable’. These are very essentially the themes of the show. The three teenagers show the three types of teens in real high school, the clueless and kind type with Yuigahama who just want to help and are internally selfish and resist change like all teenagers. The loners with an unexcited and pessimistic view of the entire world since they believe that everything is wrong, being the underdogs these are the teenagers who chase after their own thing and find their own cliques later on in life. The mean and talented Yukinoshita, the people who are excommunicated from the group because they are too smart and everyone is jealous of them. All of three of them are at first not open to change but as things get comfortable for them with change they learn to accept but when things are uncomfortable in their search for something genuine for the bond they share, they resist change more than before even though they give in to it later. But the show has one more important thing, the things everyone does for each other, it isn’t duty or responsibility, it’s love. The love in the show isn’t only romance, it’s mutual love of every being for each other.

That said, the show is absolutely phenomenal with lovely voice acting and music as well as great animation, all of which lets you really enjoy and immerse yourself in the story. The story itself is quite great with the character development and the emotions being something that one cannot really describe but experience. The feelings, the love. It’s all there. The ending is a hopeful one and one that can be pleasing to all, it ends with problems solved and more on the rise since the teens still need to deal with their last year of high school. A must watch for teens who’ve struggled with emotions and connection before or have hated themselves and really anyone who wants to watch some shows with genuine emotions. I really recommend Oregairu to everyone with no restrictions.

Rap section:

Take it a high school that’s actually high schoolish,
Hikigaya Hachiman eyes dead like a fish,
Wrote an angry essay for an assignment which,
Landed him in a club that’s basically make a wish.

Working with Yukinon the ice Queen,
Being popular is not really her scene,
Spews the truth and so she can be seen,
Like a person who can be really mean.

Joining them is Yui a girl who’s cheerful,
But don’t mess with her she can give you an earful,
So much so that she can make you fearful,
That when talking to her you’ll be tearful.

Three lives here colliding in a mess,
Even though Hikki wants to be involved less,
Once they band together they make progress,
Leading all upto an end for them to confess.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram and Twitter with your thoughts and if you have any ideas on what I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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