Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. I watched Steins Gate finally after keeping it in my watch list for so long and I have to say, it made me cry. While the show is science fiction there is more of a personal driving factor than a purpose for the greater good. I recommend it because of the likeable characters but for now let’s break down Steins Gate. I have tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible but read at your own risk please. I don’t want to spoil the show for you.

The story follows Okabe Rintaro a student who has rented out a place and along with friends Mayuri and Daru runs a ‘lab’. Always believing himself to be the mad scientist Houin Kyoma and believing that he is fighting an ‘organization’ to change the world’s ruling structure. However he creates a time machine that can send mail into the past and change the present. The first 11 episodes introduce us to the vast cast of characters and how they all send a mail to the past to change the present. Receiving a rude awakening of what happens when he plays with time, our protagonist Okabe Rintaro decides to time travel using another machine in order to change what he saw.

The conflict of time is the main thing in the story showing how a little change can make a large difference making the present look much much different (The Butterfly effect). The show shows that no matter how much a person tries to get away from the flow of time everyone needs to surrender to it. Okabe time travels again and again to prevent a horrible future not for the fate of humanity (though he also prevents that) but for his own personal reasons.

The ‘time leaping’ as they call it in the show that Okabe does and the sending of D-mails (mails in to the past) shows that Okabe though pretending to care for nothing but himself cares for his friends the most. Letting them send D-mail to alter their pasts knowing that it would affect the timeline. The other friends – which he gains throughout the duration of the show – of Okabe also give up on their own selfish needs and coming to terms with their past and getting the fact that they should not mess with time to save a life showing that they care for nothing more than their friendships.

Okabe’s care for his friends runs far deeper though, having time leapt and made changes but still seeing the same thing happen again and again he decides that he will keep up the loop even if it breaks him. He also make a personal sacrifice being ready to give up his life on 2 occasions (Which will make you cry I promise) to save his friends. The backstory also shows how he got into the personality of Houin Kyoma which was to help out Mayuri in her time of need. Houin Kyoma gave him the strength he needed in order to keep pushing ahead and keep him from showing his deep care for his friends often acting like a jerk. Okabe Rintaro and Houin Kyoma are like 2 souls in one body trying to help each other stay strong and push through their tough life.

SPOLIER IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED PLEASE GO TO NEXT PARAGRAPH.  Okabe’s message from his future self actually made me cry hard because it showed how he never stopped caring for Kurisu and understood that he needed to push forward so that one day he can save Kurisu and bring the world into the Steins Gate timeline. He shows that even if he grew mature his being in the personality of Houin Kyoma gave him strength and so when he speaks to Okabe it’s like Houin speaking to Okabe as he already says that for him Houin is dead. The talk between them, the operation naming and ending with their signature secret code shows Houin giving Okabe the hope and strength for which Houin was created. The laughing of Okabe after that really hit’s hard showing that he adopts Houin again to carry out the final task and take the world to the Steins Gate timeline.

Kurisu’s love confession in episode 23 and 25 both show that when she said that feelings and emotions and even experiences transcend time and the different world lines in order to make a ‘person’. Though the Kurisu in the Steins gate time has never spent that much time with Okabe she still remembers the other world lines in the form of dreams and her feelings for Okabe show that some things indeed trancesnd time to make a person and the fact that they made a 25th episode to show us the Steins Gate timeline and ended it with Kurisu saying close your eyes just like the first time shows that like some other things in the show the love between Okabe and Kurisu was also an inevitability.

ANOTHER SPOILER FILLED PARAGRAH PLEASE SKIP. The story actually comes full circle and by the 24th episode we really get to know that the titles of the episode aren’t just nonsense it actually makes sense and the prologue begins with the end of the show and the show actually becomes one big time loop with the Okabe of the past still seeing what needs to see and the Okabe of the present whom we follow gets the happy ending that he deserves by coming to the Steins Gate. This shows that in the end it was possible to create a better world by not changing any of the events there and the fact that Okabe waited to see his past self, start on the journey of 3 weeks that shapes his life shows that the 3 weeks of time leaping he spent weren’t hell but actually was what needed to happen to bring the world lines back into order and go the Steins Gate.

The name Steins Gate which Okabe keeps saying throughout the series reveals its true meaning at the end of the 23rd episode which in actuality is a name for the timeline that Okabe must shift the world to in order for everything to be okay. The name however bears no meaning but when we actually see the Steins Gate timeline and the happy faces of all our beloved characters it becomes clear that it had meaning to it and that was only because it had people in it. Steins Gate in the end was nothing to the entire world but something to Okabe Rintaro that guided him throughout his journey. The Steins Gate timeline also shows that no matter what in the end the future is always uncertain. There is a lot more to talk about but I just can’t over here so please go and watch the anime. I highly highly recommend it.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

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