Hey guys what is up welcome back to my blog I’m so thankful that you guys took the time out of your day to read my blog post. Hope you all are safe from the COVID-19. All I have done this quarantine is watch something, write about it, spread it everywhere and repeat. So today I bring you a great anime series that I have watched called Another.

Now I don’t know much abut horror anime but I do know that from what I’ve seen anime doesn’t really do horror very well. Sometimes they can give you a scare but I’ve never had a chill to the bones kind of moment with any anime but then I came across this anime on Netflix called ‘Another’ and it had 12 episodes each about 20 minutes so I thought why not. I first thought it to be a crime thriller but the first episode quickly corrected my mistake. The anime is all about horror of course there is a mystery that needs to be solved to end this horror like any classic horror story but there is just something about Another that makes you lose your nerve really quick. I am not saying that you’ll be hiding behind your covers and covering your eyes but there is just something strange about it. You’ll feel a strange feeling every moment as if danger and death lurks everywhere. The silence of an empty room or the music during an encounter with a seemingly dead person its the sounds that really make the horror. If you’re expecting to see a ghost like that in a classic horror movie forget it you’re not getting it but there are certainly really strange things in the anime.

The story is simple enough a guy named Kōichi Sakakibara moves to his birth town of Yomiyama to live with his aunt and grandparents because his father is working abroad so anyway he meets a girl with an eye patch named Misaki Mei. There is something off about Mei first is her eye patch and then it seems like only Kōichi can see Mei and though he is told that he should not talk to her he does and calamity strikes. There is also a story that happened 39 years ago in the class where a Misaki killed himself and a few days after the kids of the class started saying that he is not dead and he is there. The teacher joins in and the principal even arranges a seat for him at the graduation ceremony and he even appears in the class photograph. This is weird for sure but it doesn’t end there. The rest you need to find out yourself, needless to say it is one hell of an interesting ride. So since then the class of Misaki is haunted and the students of that class always behave weird and our hero does not have the faintest clue as to what he is in for. The true horror element is the sheer weirdness and unusual things that happen in the story. SPOILER ALERT SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH TO BE SAFE: The kids also start to kill each other at one point and that is chilling.

The students start dying brutal deaths and I mean brutal deaths and then there is one hell of a race against time as to who is causing all these deaths because there is a ghost among them and why they are happening and for the beginning of it our hero Kōichi is kept in the dark and it is due to this that a shit show begins. There are light hearted moments in between (of course the show writers don’t want you to have a heart attack) that you can count on your fingers and don’t last for long. The main characters are Kōichi and Mei so much so that I don’t even remember the names of most of the other characters or maybe I am just bad at remembering Japanese names. The creepiness and the music made me shudder and had me walking around my own house watching my back. Also after this series you’ll start hating dolls because they add to the creepy element of the series.

So after this series I finally understood that anime can do horror and it can do bone chilling horror (or maybe I cam just a scared cat) and I am not one who is going to underestimate horror anime again. Also the deduction falls that while live action movies focus on sights to scare us, Anime goes on to use sounds and other elements to scare us. After this series if you feel alone be aware maybe there is another with you just kidding there is nothing of the sorts most people aren’t affected by a ghost haunting. Also drop your anime suggestions in the comments or DM me on my social media.

So that is it for this post guys hope you got some value from this.  Thank you guys for reading to the end hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with your thoughts and if you have any ideas which I should write about. Stay safe from the COVID-19. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next week.

Published by Harshit Sagar

I am a 18 year old teen who has a passion for writing and loves anime.


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